Doreen Ingram is a registered nurse, foster parent for a wildlife sanctuary in her hometown, volunteer for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and mother of three wonderful children.

Doreen’s deep love for animals led her to write her first book to support some very special chimpanzees living in a sanctuary in South Africa. From then on, she made it her goal to spread the word about the distressing plight of all great apes and other endangered wildlife.


She visits wildlife sanctuaries, volunteering whenever possible, to gain firsthand knowledge of a wide variety of animals. With this knowledge and experience, she speaks at schools, libraries, and other venues, teaching both children and adults about endangered wildlife and the sanctuaries that help them, sharing and spreading her empathy for the animals. Additionally, Doreen shares the net profits from the sale of her books and games, and from venue presentations, with the sanctuaries and organizations that help rescue and house animals in need.