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For a helpless newborn squirrel, there is little chance of survival away from its nest and mother. Found lying on the ground, cold and barely alive, a little girl—enchanted by and forever exploring and learning about nature and its inhabitants—rescues the baby squirrel from certain death. Sally grows up and is allowed to be free as nature intended, but not before leaving a lasting mark on the family and friends involved in Sally’s care and release. Whether you love squirrels or hate them, Sally is an extraordinary squirrel with personality and charm that no one can deny.

A young chimpanzee named Joao, witnesses the nightmarish slaughter of his troop and is forced into a new life, not of his choosing. He is a product of the bushmeat trade in Africa and his abductors sell him to a man who owns a circus. Joao’s young life is shattered, but somehow his spirit is strong and for almost 70 years he survives torture, loneliness and addictions. Hope is realized when some good people rescue Joao from a small cage that he called home for almost 50 years. Now Joao and some other victims of poachers are finding a new life at Chimp Eden in South Africa and giving a “voice” to all that will listen.

Giving Back...

I am giving back with every purchase! A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these books help the Jane Goodall Institute SA care for and rescue chimpanzees and helps educate people about the plight of the Great Apes. I also help other organizations that rescue, care for, and rehabilitate wildlife.

My support for these organizations comes in a few ways: 1. I directly donate proceeds to selected organizations, and 2. I provide our games and books for organizations to sell without worrying about the hassles of inventory, shipping and fulfillment through my fulfillment center. Organizations selling my game and books can make a return of up to 50% of the sale price.

Joao is old now and it’s time to pass his message of hope on to another chimpanzee named Jessica. Though Jessica has been rescued and is living in the same sanctuary as Joao, she has her own horrific and frightening story from her past to reveal. These two chimps know that humans must find a way to stop the slaughter of the great apes before all is lost and these vulnerable creatures will parish from the wild. To help carry on the “voice” for the voiceless, a hawk named Moomba becomes part of the race to save a chimp who is doomed to die soon unless some courageous people can get there in time to save him.

Elvis, a large maneless lion is showing his defiance by not leaving his cage when he is called to entertain an audience. His Master could use a whip like others might, but instead allows Elvis to remain in his cage – this time. Elvis knows his boundary, but his painful stomach ache is keeping him from moving. Elvis and the other lions and tigers are trained to do stunning and spectacular tricks, but behind the scenes and the breathtaking stunts, these animals are victims of the entertainment business and suffer greatly. Elvis’s “Master” Jonathan, realizes the animals are really being tortured by living in cages twenty-two hours a day. Both of their lives change when Jonathan has a change of heart and decides to become a rescuer instead of an entertainer and creates a place that Elvis and other wild animals can call a good home with room to roam!